Below you'll find a list of some of our most common services. Take a look and see if any of the descriptions match up with what your needs are. If not contact us! It's hard to list all of the services that we're capable of providing and we very likely will be able to help you out.


Engineering Youngs Consulting has the experience and technical capabilities to aid clients through site development. Utilizing our impressive depth of knowledge and equipment we are able to do more than just design a plan. We help our clients determine how a selected property can be effectively developed for its desired use. Youngs Consulting examines physical and legal site constraints, regulatory requirements, constructability issues, and operational needs. Our experience working all the way through the design-bid-build process allows us a level of understanding of pitfalls and project's needs that help ensure that the construction schedule and budget are met.

Hydrographic Surveying

Hydrographic Surveying Youngs Consulting is able to provide you with precision data needed to support waterfront and water dependent engineering projects. We offer an expansive range of hydrographic surveying services to governmental agencies, public institutions, and private companies. Accuracy is crucial and we deliver just that. Reliable data that gives you peace of mind and the assurance that you can safely move forward with your project. At Youngs Consulting, we utilize state-of-the-art equipment and software, as well as, experienced professionals to get every job done right the first time.

Road Design & Construction

Road Design & Construction< Our comprehensive road design services range from initial concept development all the way through detailed design, but we don't stop there. We have the equipment and capability to implement our designs at your site. Owning our own equipment means that Youngs Consulting can quickly move from proposal to construction quickly and efficiently. No matter if it's a simple easement going through your private property, developing a road layout for a subdivision, or anything else you can think of, we can handle it.

Bridge & Dam Inspections

bridge replacements Youngs Consulting is qualified to assist in bridge and dam inspections. Our services incorporates the use of surface vessels, bathymetric studies, and other technologies to inspect the structures and surrounding area of the site. Because of the danger of loss of life due to inferior inspection of bridges and dams, we take the inspection of these structures extra seriously. We make sure that any bridge or dam that we inspect meets all important criteria in a satisfactory manner. If they don't, we make recommendations, create strategies to solve the problem, and help implement needed repairs.

HUD Inspections

HUD Inspections Youngs Consulting offers professional and objective inspection services for homes, and commercial buildings. Having the right information at your disposal before buying, selling, remodeling, or needing to be in compliance can make all the difference, both financially and emotionally. Youngs Consulting is experienced in housing inspection. We can help you with any of your existing noncompliance issues, or help you make sure that your property is always in compliance with any federal, state, or local guidelines.

Marine Design & Construction

Marine Design & Construction Accurate, consistent, and precise data are important for successful projects of any type. However, they are crucial for projects in a marine environment. Youngs Consulting perform surveys in support of design, permitting, construction, and post-construction inspection of Marine projects in inland, nearshore, and offshore waters. Our Marine design and construction services are customized to address your projects objectives and requirements. Projects can vary from large developments to small repairs to custom designs based on unique site constraints.

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