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Youngs Consulting Inc. has provided engineering, hydrographic surveying, road design and construction, bridge and dam inspection, HUD inspection, and marine design and construction services that meet our clients high standards in quality and accuracy. Youngs Consulting has an Engineer, licensed in the state of Michigan, on staff.

Hydrographic Surveying


Youngs Consulting has the experience and technical capabilities to aid clients through site development. Utilizing our impressive depth of knowledge and equipment we are able to do more than just design a plan.

Hydrographic Surveying

Youngs Consulting is able to provide you with precision data needed to support waterfront and water dependent engineering projects. We offer an expansive range of hydrographic surveying services to governmental agencies, public institutions, and private companies.

Road Design & Construction

Our comprehensive road design services range from initial concept development all the way through detailed design, but we don't stop there. We have the equipment and capability to implement our designs at your site.

Bridge & Dam Inspections

Youngs Consulting is qualified to assist in bridge and damn inspections. Our services incorporates the use of surface vessels, bathymetric studies, and other technologies to inspect the structures and surrounding area of the site.

HUD Inspections

Youngs Consulting offers professional and objective inspection services for homes, and commercial buildings. Having the right information at your disposal before buying, selling, remodeling, or needing to be in compliance can make all the difference, both financially and emotionally.

Marine Design & Construction

Accurate, consistent, and precise data are important for successful projects of any type. However, they are crucial for projects in a marine environment. Youngs Consulting perform surveys in support of design, permitting, construction, and post-construction inspection of Marine projects in inland, nearshore, and offshore waters.

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